Seagate Archive v2 8TB 5900 RPM Internal Hard Drive

  • 8TB, SATA 6.0Gb/s, 128MB
  • Enables significant system-level TCO savings
  • Reliable, low-power data retrieval based on SMR technology
  • RV-balanced for high density environments
  • Overview :
  • The Archive HDD 8TB SATA III Hard Drive (OEM) from Seagate is a 3.5″ internal drive with a 8.0TB storage capacity. The drive is designed for 24 × 7 workloads of 180TB per year. Free Seagate DiskWizard software allows you to install the hard drives in Windows without UEFI BIOS. With Seagate AcuTrac servo technology, it delivers dependable performance. This drive is suitable for cost-effective online archiving, object storage, Big Data cold storage, cloud active archive, and Web-scale archiving.


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